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What To Do If Your Bridesmaids Do Not Get Along

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Picking the bridesmaids

For those of you who plan to have more than just one bridesmaid, you should know that they might not always get along. You should probably try to arrange a meeting with them before asking them to be your bridesmaids, just to see how everything goes.

However, that does not guarantee that your bridesmaids will get along 100%. They might come into conflict for various unimportant reasons, which is why even though it is your wedding, you should try and find a compromise.

It is okay to let one of them go

While this might be a rather tricky subject, especially if you have already picked out your bridesmaids and they have accepted your offer, but letting one of the two go might be the best option. If they are not able to settle down and stop arguing, there is no reason why you should not let one or both of them go, and just be regular guest.

Since the bridesmaids are usually the closest friends to the bride, or even a family member, they should understand your decision. You should give them a chance to patch things up, but if it still does not work, have a long talk with them.

Reliable bridesmaids

Every bridesmaid should know that it is her responsibility to organize and pay for the pre-wedding bride parties, such as the hen’s party or the bridal shower. However, if your brides are too busy fighting over trivial things, it can be very difficult to actually trust them with any tasks.

There are many things that your bridesmaids are supposed to help you with but if they intend to fight over things that do not matter, it can be very troublesome. You are the bride, which means that you will be the one who is stressed out the most and adding more stress to that is not good.

Find a compromise

There is always an option to find a compromise, and if your bridesmaids can’t see that, maybe they should just be normal guests. While that might sound a bit hard, this is your big day, and if they can’t patch things up for the duration of the wedding ceremony and the pre-wedding duties, maybe they are not fit to be a bridesmaid.

However, you also have an option to give them separate tasks. This way there will not be that much fighting between the two, when they are not responsible for the same things. But even then, it is still important that they hold in their bickering before, during and after the ceremony.

Final word

If the friends you picked out to be your bridesmaids on your big day do not get along, it can be very troublesome so try to introduce them before actually asking them to be your bridesmaids. On top of that, you should also make sure that everything else runs smoothly which includes the picking of the dresses. There are many formal dresses online Australia that will surely suit your taste.


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