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Ultimate guide to choosing the type of wedding night you want with lingerie

Choosing the perfect lingerie for your wedding night is almost as important as choosing the wedding outfit. While your wedding dress is picked to leave everyone in awe even years later, what goes on underneath your outfit is reserved for the most special one’s eyes only. But did you know that the kind of lingerie you’ll pick for the wedding night determines the kind of naughty and fun night you’ll have with your new husband? Here’s our ultimate guide for brides to help distract from the chaotic wedding prep and focus on the sexy night of fun that awaits them!

  1. White lacey lingerie

Starting off your first night with white lacey lingerie displays innocence but also openness to any wild suggestion that your darling husband may have. It is sure to excite him because white lingerie always denotes a sort of purity that your husband would love to take into his own hands.

  1. Black lacey lingerie

Nothing screams sex goddess more than lacey black lingerie! He will definitely know that you love to take charge and go on a sexual adventure with him.

  1. Corset and thong

Picking up a matching corset and thong is the perfect idea if you love role playing. Your special on will surely know that you’d love to make his fantasy come true, by submitting to him or even taking charge of the bedroom.

  1. Silky baby-doll

A silky baby doll gives a flirty vibe in the bedroom. He will sure to be manipulated by your feminine wiles and make you feel loved and passionate all night long.

  1. Red lingerie and a garter belt

Red screams sensuality and passion! Walk into the room with red lingerie on with a garter belt and set his heart on fire. Not only does this make you feel powerful and sexy but will also let your man know that you’re hungry for his touch.

  1. Pink satin nightgown

While it keeps you comfortable after the tiring wedding, pink satin gives off a very feminine, gentle vibe. This romantic piece asks your man to sweep you off your feet and indulge you in a night of romance and love making.

  1. A silky robe

Just wearing a silky robe on your wedding night will surely drive your man mad with desire. Knowing that you’re all his and just waiting to be unwrapped like a present will take him off the edge.

  1. PVC/ PU lingerie

This shiny, super sexy type of lingerie feels like your second skin and the feel it will give your new husband is indescribably hot. By donning a PVC corset or bra or even a Basque, sends hubby dearest the message that you’re ready to turn the temperature up with some naughty role playing.

  1. Peekaboo and crotchless underwear

Pick out a pair of tempting peekaboo underwear and seduce your guy by showing him a glance of what is to come. Crotch less underwear adds an element of mystery to the night which will leave him begging for some clues.



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