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Simple yet must know packing tips for your adventure trip

Adventure trips are fun events and have gained quite a popularity since quite a sometime. These were earlier considered an all-boys event but recently girls have participated in these whole heartedly and there are even groups which are girls specific that go out for adventure trips. But taking about the trips that are all boys, the adventure trips where there is raw manhood in play. The trips where there is true friendship and fun rather than gossip and whining. The adventure trips which have music by the fire side and hearty laughs on weird jokes shared by the friends sitting alongside. The adventure that are men exclusive are the only which go wild and are almost always the trips which can be justified as the adventure trips.

These trips have everything which includes camping, bonfires, maybe music, adventures, games, fishing and many such fun activities. These are always planned before and executed likewise, and the most likely destinations are the hill stations which offer adventure sports like rafting, mountaineering, parasailing etc. These trips have a definitive itinerary which needs to be followed and there are definite things that need to be carried for an adventure trip which are as follows:

  • Few basic things that are very important include sunscreen, mosquito repellent, moisturizer, few basic medicines, and a zipper bag. Zipper bags are good, and they always come in handy on adventure trips or any trips for that matter.
  • Multiple utility knife, these small pieces come in real handy on adventure trips and you never know where you might need them.
  • You need to always pack a few collapsible water bottles as they save space in comparison to the regular ones.
  • You should always take the sleeping bags along with you on an adventure trip and when there is sleeping bag liner then it is even better. As it adds at least 6-8 degrees to you sleeping bag.
  • You should always have some cash on you as it may come handy when you may have not expected.
  • Always carry dental floss and ear plugs for mornings and sleeping at night respectively.
  • If you require a pillow, then an inflatable one rather than a regular one and always carry the basic tools if there are bikes involved.
  • You will need a cooking kit and rope along with duct tape is also very necessary.
  • Clothing is really important aspect to be planned and if hill stations are chosen then bomber jackets (men) should be preferred over others.

Bomber jackets for men are preferred over others because first and foremost they are light weighed. Bomber jackets (men) are effective in warding off the cold and winds of the mountain regions. Thus, the light weighing yet efficient quality of the bomber jacket (men) make them an obvious choice. Not only this but bomber jacket (men) are so designed that they save space when packed and the main objective is to pack light yet take more things in them. Bomber jackets for men are durable which makes it all the more optimum choice for adventure trips.

Bomber jackets (men) are available in many excellent designs and to go through the collections you can visit Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Bewakoof.com, Myntra etc.


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