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Making a First Impression with Eye wear

Sunglasses are as iconic to American fashion as hairstyles, purses, and jackets. Still, it is hard to take every pair of sunglasses seriously. There are some designs that just don’t impress all that much. And in a society that is so heavily focused on making the right first impression, eye wear that doesn’t add to the impression becomes more functional than anything else.

There is nothing wrong with function when it comes to sunglasses. In fact, Olympic Eye wear says function is the first consideration when their designers head to the drawing board to come up with a new look. They insist that it does not matter how good consumers look in their designer eye wear if the sunglasses they choose don’t offer significant protection against direct sunlight and dangerous UV rays.

This may lead you to wonder how Olympic Eye wear goes about designing their sunglasses. Like just about every other designer, Olympic looks a number of important factors including current trends, future outlooks, price points, and so on. They are very cognizant of the fact that the eye wear they design is part and parcel with presenting a good first impression.

Aviators and Wayfarers

There are two styles of sunglasses that seem to transcend time itself. The first is the aviator, a style that was made famous by the fly boys of World War II. If you know anything about aviators, you know they were first commissioned by the U.S. military to replace the ineffective goggles fighter pilots were wearing during the first world war and the early days of World War II. What Bausch & Lomb came up with not only satisfied the military but it also became the icon of designer sunglasses for the American public.

A solid pair of aviators offers a first impression that says quiet confidence. You know who you are, you are not afraid to be who you are, and yet you are not going to force yourself on others. You are just going to be. Those who want to get to know you are free to do so; those who don’t want to can walk away.

Wayfarer sunglasses are the celeb version of aviators. In addition to cool confidence, they offer a first impression of sophistication and class. They are the sunglasses of choice for trend setters and public figures. Not only do celebs wear them, but so do business executives, politicians, and people who just want to emulate their celebrity heroes.

Everything Else

It’s easy to separate sunglasses between aviators/wayfarers and everything else. We say that because aviators and wayfarers are the only sunglasses that don’t ever seem to fade away. Everything else rises and falls based on consumer trends. Take the over sized frames and lenses that make up what is known in the industry as ‘chubby’ sunglasses.

Chubbies were pretty popular in the early 1950s among the hipsters of the day, also known as ‘greasers’. But they didn’t last very long. By the mid-50s they were out of style. Today they are back thanks to a new emphasis on retro looks. As for the first impression they offer, it’s hard to say. A middle-aged man wearing a pair of chubbies may be perceived as suffering a midlife crisis. A younger millennial might be perceived as trying to be too millennial for his own good.

Sunglasses play a role in the first impression you put forth. So as Olympic Eye wear recommends, choose your sunglasses wisely. Look for a pair that is functional first. Then choose a design that fits the shape and size of your face. After that you can worry about things like color and tint.


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