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How To Keep Up With your Toddler’s Activities? Learn From Step2

At a young age, toddlers want to involve their selves in sports. They are already practicing their competitiveness and sportsmanship to make them be prepared for their future careers. They likely partake in sports like soccer, football, baseball, etc. These sports can be practiced even at a young age.

Children are motivated and inspired to undergo sports training even at a young age because their parents support them. Moms are proud and happy that their children are achieving one of their bliss at a young age. They see to it that their children are enjoying every time they do sports or play Step2 Direct toys. Moms will always be the inspiration of their children.

But how will you keep up with their activities? Read on and learn how below:

Give all your support (financially and morally).

If you are a mom and your child or children are into sports even at a young age, you should support them all throughout their training. Making your children feel that you support all of their happiness means a lot to them. Children will be able to play happily and will be proud to show their learned skills.

No overreacting or underreacting!

To keep up with your child’s sports activities, you should never overreact or even underreact. Let your children understand what sportsmanship means because not everyone wins their games. Games should be played fun. When your children have set expectations but did not reach them, tell them that it is okay and it happens in every game.

Lighten the mood to help them move forward about what happened.

It’s okay to miss their practice but don’t ever miss their big day!

When your child or children are into sports, you should only watch him play when there is a competition and not during practice. Children are shy to show their skills when their moms are watching during practices. Watching them during training can be supportive, but they cannot come out of their shell when their parents are around.

Do not watch your children’s practices. It gives them the freedom to display their talents and make new friends. It helps in developing you children’s social and physical aspects. It is advisable for parents to watch their children play at competitions and cheer for them.

Let them understand the lesson behind losing.

Moms should never let their children be numb when it comes to losing. Explain to them that losing is always part of the any game, just like when they are playing their safe Step2 Direct ride on toys for kids with their friends. But let them know that losing can be a motivation for them to strive harder and avoid the same mistake again.

Never let your child be satisfied with losing. If your kids are into sports, you should have all the time and energy to keep up with them. Having a lot of energy and time can make you be with your child any time of the day all throughout his training.

Parents should serve, as a role model to their child in a way that is showing positive skills can influence them and makes them be a better person.


As parents, you’re playing a vital role in the development of their children. They always ensure that their children are enjoying all the joyful moments in their life and one of which is supporting their child in sports. It is hard to keep up with your child’s sports activities, but if you really love your child, nothing is complicated.


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