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Footwear for ladies to provide the needed comfort

Women always hold a special place in the conscious and unconscious mind of the designers when they design footwear or gear for the ladies. They always draw inspiration from them for their designs and color schemes of their clothing, even for the designing of clothes for men. There are companies who do the business passionately, thinking in the artistic fashion and design the products very passionately. Blukicks.com is a place where you can have the best of footwear designed just keeping in mind the nature, sand and the sea. The designer has taken the colors of the beach collection from the sea and the sky.

Collection of shoes for the ladies 

Slip on: These are the most preferred collection of shoes when it comes to selecting the shoes for celebrating the vacation on the beaches. Enjoying the vacations in the comfort of shoes which could be taken off and on whenever you wish to do so provided the best comfort. The canvas upper of the shoes provides the best breathing space for the feet, allowing them to be sweat free and dry. The lower sole made up of pure rubber gives the feel of walking on the carpet grass. There are different types of slip-ons which are designed by the designers exclusively for the ladies. They are as follows:

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  1. Cali bear slip on: This pair of shoes are comfortable and allow the feet to breathe comfortably. They can be washed in the washing machine with ease. The shoe is made up of canvas used on the upper and natural rubber lower sole gives the cushion like feel to your feet. It has removable inner sole which can be removed. It provides support to the ankle while walking.
  2. Arctic dry: The grey color of the shoes gives the shoe a sober look. The shoes are the best choice for those who want to have a comfortable pair of shoes and, still look elegant and stylish. They believe in dominating people on the vacation too. You can wear a black dress with this pair of shoes to make a perfect party wear dress. This shoe gives a body hugging experience to your feet after the shoes are washed for the first time. The canvas upper customizes with the size of the feet.
  3. High tide blue: These are the shoes which take its inspiration from the ocean. The shoe has the color of the ocean. Still the shoes care for the feet with breathable eyelets to provide more space for the feet to breathe and have pleasant experience of wearing shoes. The inner sole with cushion provides the real pleasure of walking no matter how tough or bumpy the surface is .The sole has the graphic design of the fish swimming in the water.
  4. Baja blue: The shoe has taken its inspiration from the ocean blue and draws its color from the sky blue. This shoe takes you to the ocean with design and the comfort which it provides to the feet. The lower sole with its anti skid designs and comfort make it perfect to walk near the pool or take the shoes to the beaches. With shoes on or take the shoes in the hand and go for run on the sand with bare feet. You have the shoes which could be worn in and out at your desire and wish. A navy blue dress gives you a killing look with this pair of shoes. If wearing the pants you can wear the belt with the matching color of your shoes.
  5. Ikat blue: You can lose the shoes in the waves of the ocean if worn inside the waves as the upper is designed taking the inspiration from the ocean waves. The wave of the ocean provides the perfect inspiration to the designer. The insoles provide the arch support to the ankle giving the pleasure of walking to the feet. This support provides the perfect angle to the feet while walking, reducing the fatigue to the minimum while walking.
  6. Farallon black: The color black goes with each and every dress you have in your wardrobe to wear on the beach. They provide perfect contrast to each and every floral dress you wear, on the beach. It goes quite well with your denim shorts and t shirts. The shoes could be worn anywhere in the summer season as they will provide the perfect cooling effect to the feet. You can walk with the shoes on the beach, on the road or in the shopping mall or grace the evening beach side party with a glass of wine and cozy shoes.
  7. Arctic wool: The wave like design on the upper with black and white print makes the shoe stand along in the collection of shoes. The upper is made from the herringbone wool giving the warmth which your bare feet needs after day long playing on the beach in the water. The relaxing feeling shoes provides to the feet is celestial. A feeling which seems to be coming from other world. The cozy feeling it provide to the feet is extraordinary.
  8. Panama stripe: Another pair of shoe inspired from the waves of the ocean. The ocean blue color along with white strip makes it the perfect shoes for the beach wear. You can go for the short skirt with this pair of shoes and rock the evening and make the head roll over. These shoes make for the perfect shoes to be worn over the deck of the boat. The anti skid soles of the shoes make it perfect for you to dance and party on the boat.
  9. Baja Orange: The untraditional color of the shoes gives it the vibrant looks. The shoe looks vibrant and cozy in this cool and bright color. The color of the upper is also the color of the fish drawn on the lower sole of the shoes .The lower soles are also artistic designed to make the shoes a perfect shoes which you will dare not miss on any of your trip.


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