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8 Brain-Boosting Toys For Toddler You Need To Buy

During the initial three years of your toddler’s life, their brain grows rapidly. This crucial period allow the growth of long and thin nerve pathway. They are simply wiring which connect as well as carry certain electrical impulses coming from your brain cell.

These will form a network that grows every day in their young brain, creating the neurological foundation of learning and skills which they can utilize all throughout their lifetime. But you should rely on these alone. As a parent, jumpstart your kid’s brain development through engaging him/her on these brain-boosting toys:

Musical toys

Toy keyboard, drum, tambourine, and other toys can draw your toddler’s attention. It doesn’t just end there. Aside from kickstarting your child’s learning, it may also serve as a crucial cue on their routine and provide lifelong benefits.

If you weren’t aware, music significantly contributes to rich sensory environment. It only means that you are actually exposing your kids into different variety of textures, sounds, colors, tastes and smells.

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Construction toys

Generally, toys which promotes constructive play improves spatial awareness that is truly important for reading readiness. Likewise, it also encourage reasoning and thinking. Your kid needs these two skills so they could become independent and competitive adults.

Toys that can aid them establish good routine

It is not enough to establish their routine. It is imperative that you’ll help establish GOOD routine. Most toddlers  do respond on having regular routines. This helps them to stay calm. Say, for instance, get a cup, plate or spoon which they can utilize during breakfast or lunch so they can learn to feed themselves.

A cute plastic or rubber toys can be a great addition during their bath time. But make sure that they are accurate enough for their age.

Pretend play toys

It doesn’t need to be pricey. As much as it can spark their imagination, grab it! Toys like toy animals, fork, spoon, kitchen, cars and many more can help them create simple fantasy scene, bringing out the best creative side they have.

Pull and push toys

Wagons and cars can also help your kids enhance their brain development. They are responsible for developing  gross motor skills.

Block set

For fine motor skill development, it is highly recommended to provide your angels with blocks. It stimulates their creativity. They can employ them to create a tower, a bridge or castle. Sooner or later, you can utilize this also to teach them other concepts like numbers, colors and textures.


These are not just intended to teach the different colors. Above all, don’t forget to give them something they can write or draw with. Since they are still a toddler,  don’t expect already that they can color everything inside the lines. With their random scribbles, they can possibly develop good coordination skills.

Books with many pictures

These books are ideal for enhancing all aspects of their skill development. It do pays off to read this to your child, discuss with them what’s the picture about and so on. Apart from helping them on language development, reading with them improves their emotional and social interaction skills.

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